50th running of Victorian State Title

Well off to my favorite track for the running of the Victorian State Title, and to add to it its the 50th running of the event.

This is our most sort after event with the winner not only going down in the history books but you get the run the coveted Vic:1 on the car for next season.

Having won this even two season ago and due to mechanical issues last year costing me the event, i was primed to try to get the Vic:1 back, and having won the last 6 feature races we have had at Moama i was feeling confident going into the meeting.

With the heats being super important it was imperative to go well in them to get a starting position somewhere near the front for the 20laps feature race.

At the end of the heat races i had come away with a win a second and a third, giving me highest points and starting me from pole position in the feature race.

feeling extremity confident starting from pole position my plan was to get the jump at the start and drive away and win, Funny how some things don’t go to plan.

As the flag was about to drop for the start i zigged when i should have zagged and was beaten off the line, This didn’t impress me and was now in second trying to find away to get the lead back, at about the half way mark still in second out of know were the currant Vic:1 car went around both of us in one great move, all of a sudden i was in third, thinking to myself i started on pole and now im in third, if i don’t do something soon that’s were ill finish.

So down the back straight and around the top corner i made the same move as the other driver and finally i was at least back in second and now chasing down the new leader. It didn’t take me to long to be right on his tail, lap after lap we were wheel to wheel, i tried to pass a couple of times but just didn’t have to line to hold it coming out of a corner. Knowing there couldn’t be to many laps left i had taken note that i thought our tires were starting to go off as we were both washing up a bit on the top corner. I thought my only chance was to go high and cut the corner hoping i could slide under the other car and at the same time force him to go a bit higher on the track than he would want to. I want for it and it seemed to work then we touched wheels and were both sideways a a touch out of control but it was enough for me to get the lead as we straightened out down the main straight, Finally i was in the lead as i came around the top corner i could see the start finish line official putting a flag out, im thinking great while flag one to go lets hang on, to my amazement it was the chequard flag, I had bloody won it on the last lap. With us two drivers battling on the previous lap neither of us had seen the white flag out.

To say i was wrap’t was an understatement, to now be Victorian Champion for the second time and to win it in our clubs 50th anniversary, i couldn’t be happier.

A huge thank you to my fantastic sponsors as with out you i would not be on the track let along winning races.

Lumber Softwoods    ,    L.F.Sign Group   ,   Bristol Paint Centre “Essendon”   ,   Dandy Bolts

To my pit crew Phil Martin and to my wife and family a massive thank you for all your support i couldn’t have done this without you.

* Special note to L.F.Sign Group : We were also presented from the track the best presented car award, so that is due to the great work done by Luke and his team and special mention to John who puts the time in and did the design on the car.

Well what a season it has been so far, havin won our two major races “The Ray Welsh Memorial and now the VSC State Title” Its now its all about wrapping up the series and trying to make it a hat trick of Thunder down Under and Club Championships.

Cheers, and see you at the track…….Westy


* Top photo : on the podium with the other drivers .

* Center photo : Just after winning the race.

* Bottom photo : Car on display the day after at Moama RSL  for the 50th year celebrations.

state title 1



State title state title 3