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Name : Dean West                               D.O.B. : 22-08-1963

Married to Kelly                                   Children : Kirsten , Tyler and Jay…..Grandson : Owen

Lives : Maryknoll “Gippsland”

My love of speedway dates back to the early years of Victorian Speedway, Brooklyn Speedway in Melbourne, Redline speedway in Ballarat and Torquay Speedway.

From a young age the family used to be packed up and we followed my Dad , Rick West. 

He raced his sedan around the speedways tracks in Victoria.

While Dad only raced himself for about 5 or so years, he could never afford it even back then,  his love of speedway remained and he was heavily involved in the SDAV club culminating on being awarded life membership to the SDAV.

So throughout all those years l went with Dad to the speedway and was eventually involved myself, to the point of being one of the track marshals’ at Brooklyn (Melbourne Speedbowl) during the 1982 Australian Saloon Car title.

In my early teens l became part of the race crew for Graeme Adams one of the leading drivers in Victoria at the time and then switched to Jim Duggan during his first couple of years in sedans ( Jim a former state champion of the SDAV Hotrods ).

Growing up l loved most sports and l developed a real love for football, I started playing in my mid teens and as l became a young adult my love for the game overshadowed speedway, and l didn’t think l would ever be able to afford to race cars, A pair of football boots and shorts were in my price range.

As it turned out l went on to play senior football for just over 20yrs

Starting in 1979 and retiring in 2000 when my body had said that’s enough.

During that time l was lucky enough to have played in 5 winning premierships

One being the first in Knox Football clubs history and also being captain coach of one at the end of my career was a great thrill.

My football career was capped of with life membership of Knox Football Club and also being selected in the Team of the 80s , 90s and Team of the Quarter century.

After having a few years were there was no direct sport involved in my life l started taking an interest in speedway again, l looked up the SDAV Club and found that the Hotrods were the only division from that club still going, l went to a few meetings and with the blessing of my wife and the great help from the SDAV club.

(Although the wife did think I was just going to crew for someone)

l was able to purchase a Hotrod from Russel Hovey and prepare to go racing.

Now many years later with two series title’s, two club championship’s a Victorian State Championship aand many feature wins under my belt, who knows what’s in store……….stay tuned.

Other interests

AFL : Collingwood Football Club            EFL : Knox Football Club

Music :   Elvis , The Beatles , Meatloaf , ACDC , Springsteen ,

I have a pretty diverse taste in music as long as its good ill listen to it.

“Cant stand rap or doof doof house music”

Movies : Love any good gangster movie,

Goodfellows , The Godfather , etc

Also love any movie that’s based on fact or true stories.