Legends Cup : Rushworth Speedway

Well this is it the final event for the season, and one of the big three events we have along with the State Title and the Ray Welsh Memorial. Having put my name on the winners board for the other two this year now it remains to be seen it i could capture the three event in the one year and tack home the legends cup.

With the track receiving a lot of rain leading up to the event the big question was the track ok to race on and was the rain going to hold off.

In what was one of the wettest and slipperiest tracks i have ever raced on the night got under way, with a outside pole position in my first heat a got a great and shot to the lead, i was leading the race for approx half distance until my header exhaust broke and i had to pull infield, so a DNF for the first event, not how i wanted things to start.

Over the next two heats i managed to get the car going ok, and clawed my my back to a couple of good results with two thirds in both heats one starting from 8th and the other starting for 12th.

That gave me a starting  grid position for the feature of 6th spot .

By this stage the track was even wetter with the night being cold and moisture rising in the track, it was hard enough keeping the car on the right line in between ripping at tear offs on the visor so i could see.

When the feature started to two front cars took of and i was stuck battling midfield trying my hardest to get room to make some passes to get through closer to the front, by approx half way distance i was still in 6th position and finally got around a car into 5th after a few more laps battling the the two cars in front of me, the opportunity came and i took it and was into third in one passing move, the remainder of the race was about trying to find the front two cars who had well and truly cleared out, it wasn’t until the last lap that the lead car actually passed me, so im thinking were is the second place car and here i am in third place and the lead car has just lapped me. Well the flag came out to end the race and the second place car hadn’t passed me, so i was happy about that and i had made it to third in the legend cup and another podium.

As the presentation on the track were getting done they started in reverse order by going to the winner first then second and then third, to my surprise when the called second place they called my name, i said to the track announcer, sorry your wrong i was third, he then told me no i came second as the car that was second pulled in with a flat tire with a few laps to go.

So in the end it was a great result 2nd place in the legend cup and a season of racing with only one event were i was not on the podium.

A big that you to all my wonderful sponsors who help keep me on the track and whom without there generous support i would be able to keep competing in this sport.


a special thank you to the following people who have supported me or help me in some way or another

Roy Wright “Upwright Enterprises”  ,   Victory lane Race Gear  ,   Phil & Jackie from Clearglass Solutions

A very big thank you to my crew man : Phil Martin who works tirelessly getting the car all ready to go and supports me all through the season

and a very big thank you to my wonderful wife and children who have supported me now for 10yrs doing this sport. I love you guys…

We now have the presentation night on May 28th were the winner of the Thunder down Under series and The SDAV club champion will be announced, I think i may be in for a good night at the event.

Thank you to all who read this and give support.

cheers Westy