Rosedale & Mortlake “race results – rounds 4 & 5″”

With the celebrations over from the Ray Welsh memorial, There was no time for resting as we had to back it up by heading to Rosedale for the next round of the Thunder down Under series.

With a win a second and a fourth being the results from the heats, we finished second highest in the points. The old coin toss didn’t do me any favors and came up tails, so we would be starting from the back row of the grid for the feature race.

I didn’t get a great start and got boxed in high on the track but soon enough a gap opened and i followed the currant Vic:1 car as he ventured through the field, within about 4 to 5 laps he was leading and i was second, then mid race the lead car washed up a bit, that was enough for me to take advantage and grab the lead, the remainder of the race seems to go fairly smoothly there was a couple of stoppages for cars that spun out which bunched the field up, but at each restart i managed to keep ahead of the field and came home with the win.

A very pleasing result and another heap of points towards the series championship.

With only one weeks rest we had to head to Mortlake speedway a small track down the coast towards Hamilton. Not one of my favorites, and racing three weeks in a row is wearing me out.

Arriving at Mortlake it was bloody hotter than expected and being a day race meeting that’s the worst, sitting around in all the race gear is like sitting in an oven.

Being a very small track passing here is generally by someone else making a mistake and you going under them.

At the end of the three heats races i had come away with a first and two seconds so we were the highest point scorer for the day, now for the dreaded coin toss. As it turned ou,t it looked after me and came up heads, so i was starting from pole position for the feature race.

The plan was to drive smart stay down low and be careful as the track was very slick and you only needed to get off line by a whisker and you would be in trouble.

After two restart things got underway and i lead the race from the drop of the flag, although pressure was being applied from the cars behind, i managed to keep a fairly level head and drive to the conditions and came home with another win.

Another stack of points and the car is good, now we get a weeks break before we head off to Moama for the running of the 50th State title and the chance to display Vic:1 on your car for the next season.

as per normal a huge thank you to all my sponsors, who without there input i wouldn’t even be on the track.

Dandy Bolts  –  Lumber softwoods  –  L.F.Sign Group                Bristol Paint Centre “Essendon”

Lets have some fingers crossed that we can bring home the coveted VIC:1 from Moama.

see you at the track  :  Westy


* Photo below with the 2nd & 3rd place drivers at Rosedale, ignore that im standing on 2nd place dais, They pushed me off.

* Bottom photo, i said it was hot, snooze time in the pits while waiting for our next race. I must be getting old.

Rosedale winners 2016 snooze time at Mortlake