Round 8 : Thunder Downn under series

Well off to Drouin for the next round of the series, a track that is very hard to pass on so the aim is to come away with some more points towards the series and put a straight car back on the trailer.

With two wins and a fifth in the heats we were the highest points scorer for the day, but the trusty coin toss sent us to the rear of the field for the feature race, In very trying conditions and passing virtually impossible we only made up a couple of places and came home in 6th place.

That will do me for the day, i have posted the article below  written by Dean Thompson as Glenn Lawless won the race and it was his first victory so enjoy the read and will see you at Hamilton for the next round of the series.   cheers Westy.



Glenn Lawless became a winner on Sunday the 10th of April.

We could justifiably put at the end of that line ‘the end’, however a story needs to be told as to how it all happened that the popular Lawless became a feature race winner when the SDAV Hot Rods visited Drouin.

Ten drivers made the trip to Drouin & nine made the start of the first heat when rookie SDAV Hot Rod driver Graeme Briggs failed to start due to power steering issues.

In trying conditions due to the changing surface conditions throughout the day drivers had to find a line and stick to it to stay out of trouble & Dean West  (# 4 Dandy Bolts ) the Victorian Champion did that when he was able to start from the front row in heat one of three.

West put his # 4 machine into the front position & led young gun Dylan Linehan (# 28 Chrislea Transport)  & Stan Marco who has been getting quicker in recent race meetings. The returning Trevor Perry driving a Marco owned race car clouted the wall and ended up with rear wheel damage and pulled infield.

Kali Hovey got in front of Shannon Meakins (# 1 Norlane Pizza Box) down towards the tail of the field and West brought everybody through the finish line with Linehan close behind then Marco, Jamie May, Hovey, Meakins, Mick Lee (# 23 Lee Photography) & Lawless.

Heat two began with Lee and Meakins at the front of the field, West and Linehan in the middle & Marco at the back with Perry (# 43 Darby Paints). Meakins got the jump at the start however Lee did well to keep himself in the battle. Lawless and Hovey were jostling for third spot & West just couldn’t find any drive up high to get past Hovey & move forward nor could Marco despite trying.

Meakins went on to defeat Lee, Lawless, Hovey, West, Linehan, Marco (# 2 Bayswood Panels), May & Perry.

An eventual third heat race left just three drivers finishing the race. Hovey hit the wall in turn one on the first attempted start and ripped out her front end. The crew had to work quickly to get this car ready for the feature race still to come.

Linehan had a flat tyre & down the back straight May (# 8 Mega Auto Parts) got a little crossed up and tried to slow himself up & get back on the tack and came out in front of the flying Lee and both cars ended up with damage from the incident and out of the race, May with front end damage & Lee a broken Jacobs ladder.

Lawless didn’t start heat three due to needing a new master cylinder & Meakins tyre went flat on the dummy grid and wasn’t noticed until too late to change it.

West went on to pick up his second win defeating Marco & Perry who remained the only three drivers who stayed out of trouble.

Lining up for the Thunder Down Under series final for the day were May, Lawless, Hovey (# 22 Ribeau Interstate Transport), Linehan, Meakins, Perry, Marco & West in that order. Lee was unable to start due to chest pains from his accident with May in heat three with medical stopping him from competing.

Lawless from the outside front row made a great start and leapt to the lead ahead of May. Linehan picked the right moment to slide his way past May and set about giving Lawless some hurry up. Hovey remained strong in front of Meakins and down the back of the field Marco picked a fight with the concrete wall and came off second best & out of the race.

At the five lap stage of the race, Glenn’s long suffering crew chief Wally dared to dream. Steve Kavanagh now giving a hand to Glenn also started to smile & believe. A couple more laps ticked over and Lawless didn’t & hadn’t missed a mark on the track from the drop of the green flag.

With excitement mounting, lap eight ticked over, then nine & Linehan still couldn’t put a move on Lawless, his # 99 ‘Wally’s Fabrication & Design’ machine must have looked like it was four metres wide. Lap nine neared its end and the club President Phil Jenkins popped into the commentary box to share the enthusiasm of the race announcer who knew exactly what was going on.

The white flag unfurled Lawless breezed on past & everybody followed. Having only ever won one heat race, Lawless made a dream come true when he got to the chequered flag first with Linehan, Hovey, Meakins, Perry, West & May all finishing the race.

The President was wrapt for Lawless, the crowd now well aware of the situation were on their feet, the club people from SDAV were all hollering & Lawless, well he was soaking up the moment as he did his victory lap with the chequered flag for the first time ever.

After the race Lawless still couldn’t believe what just happened. “How about that?” he said, “You wouldn’t believe it would you?” he quipped. Well Glenn, yes we would, it’s in the books now, you’re a winner.

“I would like to thank Wally for all his efforts and our mateship over the years, Steve thank your help it is really appreciated. To the whole club your genuine pleasure in seeing me win a race means so very much to me. Thank you all for your friendship. What a moment to enjoy. “Shared Glenn.

Written by Dean Thompson  DTM Sports Media