Lumber Softwoods Pty Ltd

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Lumber Softwoods has been in business for over 50yrs, and being a family owned company they understand the importance of high quality workmanship and they take great pride in ther strong customer relationships.

Lumber Softwood cater for the Large Timber Industry businesses and have the latest timber machining equipment, with a large range of products such as treated pine, oregon, cedar, decking materials, merbau, hardwood the list goes on, you name it, If Lumber Softwoods dont have it you can be sure they can probably get it.

Lumber Softwoods also cater for the home D.I.Y. so if your building a pergola or deck come and and see the friendly staff at Lumber and they will sort you out.

So be it Industry, Trade or D.I.Y. give Lumber Softwoods a call.

ph : 9792-1773